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Allure Yarn 91% Nylon/9% Lurex
Beautiful Yarn 95% Polyamide/5% Lurex
Bliss Yarn 50% Nylon/50% Polyester
Bouclé Yarn 46% Wool/46% Acrylic/8% Polyester
Celebrate Yarn
100% Nylon
Cindy Yarn 100% Nylon
Cute Yarn 82% Polyester/19% Lurex
Delightful Yarn 71% Nylon/29% Acrylic
Desert Flower 100% Mercerized Cotton
Dream 100% Nylon
Enchanting 100% Nylon
Fantasy 50% Nylon/50% Acrylic
Flag 68% Polyester/8% Cotton/10% Nylon/14% Rayon
Grand 23% Nylon/36% Acrylic/28% Wool/13% Lurex
Hairy 100% Viscose
Jolly 89% Nylon/9% Polyester/2% Lurex
Kitten 100% Nylon
Lovely Lash 100% Polyester
Lyric 100% Nylon
Majestic 38% Nylon/31% Acrylic/31% Wool
Marvel 42% Nylon/55% Acrylic/3% Lurex
Melody 100% Nylon
Metal Wink 100% Polyester
Mohair Multi

78% Mohair/13% Wool/9% Nylon

Nubs 76% Viscose/24% Polyester
Pixie 100% Nylon
Rhapsody 100% Merino Wool
Soft 100% Nylon
Spring 73% Acrylic/27% Polyamide
Wink 100% Polyester