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Silver Concept



What is the difference?

Silver Concept replaces the old EC-1 (Electronic Controller) and Pattern Extender (PE-1).  With these accessories, you were able to draw a design onto a mylar sheet and feed it into the scanner of the EC-1 where it would be read.  Once the Inspection Light was turned off and the carriage was run from one side of the bed to the other, the pattern that had been read into the EC-1 would knit in whatever color(s) the carriage carried.  There was no shaping capability when using the EC-1 or Silver Concept, except what had been determined manually.  Silver Concept comes with its own connecting cable.

DesignaKnit has all of the identical function of Silver Concept for making design patterns.  However, it also allows for so much more.  You may enter body measurements and a garment shape.  Then you may enter a design taken from the program, from clip art as a .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .pcx, or any other image suffix, and superimpose it onto the shape where you want it before knitting the entire piece directly from your computer screen.  You may enter your original design, pixel by pixel, or use a graphics tablet and draw it free-hand.  You may scan in designs and convert them into graphs that can then be knitted.  There are very few techniques that you cannot do to make your knitting easier and more creative.  An additional cable is required to use DesignaKnit.

PC10 is a new patterning device for users of electronic knitting machines that makes the use of a computer unnecessary.  You may save patterns to a memory card and share your designs with your friends.  You may create a stitch pattern 200 stitches wide by 1000 rows. This unit connects directly to your knitting machine using the curl cord to transfer the information to the machine as you knit.

You may also reverse, mirror image, double length and double width the design by pressing the selection keys.  Designed for simplicity of use, it makes electronic knitting easy.  The PC 10 puts creativity at your finger tips.  The PC 10 can be removed from the machine to program the patterns and then returned to the machine to knit your garments.