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FANTASY -- 50% Nylon/50% Acrylic
(5) 100-gram balls/bag -- 205 yards/ball -- Needle:  #8 (4½ sts = 1 inch)
Solids:  $30.00/bag -- Multis:  $35.00/bag








Color FA-01 Black


Color FA-02 Lime


Color:FA-03 Celery

Color:FA-04 Sage

Color:FA-05 Hunter

Color:FA-06 Blueberry

Color:FA-07 Violet

Color:FA-08 Lavendar

Color:FA-09 Tan

Color:FA-10 Oatmeal

Color:FA-11 Aran

Color:FA-12 Gray

Color:FA-13 Charcoal

Color:FA-14 French Blue

Color:FA-15 Silver Blue

Color:FA-16 Baby Blue

Color:FA-17 Winter White

Color:FA-18 White

Color:FA-19 Navy

Color:FA-20 Cherry

Color:FA-21 Eggplant

Color:FA-22 Dark Brown

Color:FA-23 Forest

Color:FA-24 Red

Color:FA-25 Military Blue

Color:FA-26 Dark Yellow

Color:FA-27 Orange

Color:FA-28 Royal Blue

Color:FA-29 Dark Green

Color:FA-30 Hot Pink

Color:FA-31 Baby Pink

Color:FA-32 Cranberry

Color:FA-33 Dark Rose

Color:FA-34 Light Rose

Color:FA-35 Baby Yellow

Color:FA-36 Purple Multi

Color:FA-37 Blue Multi

Color:FA-38 Gray Multi
Color:A-39 Green Multi
Color:FA-40 Rose Multi

Color:FA-58 Teal

Color:FA-64 Olive

Color:FA-71 Renaissance Green

Color:FA-72 Misty Green

Color:FA-75 Turquoise

Color:FA-76 Aqua

Color:FA-77 Blue Sky

Color:FA-78 Burnt Orange

Color:FA-79 Salmon

Color:FA-80 Shrimp

Color:FA-81 Soft Peach

Color:FA-82 Plum

Color:FA-83 Wine

Color:FA-84 Amethyst

Color:FA-85 Dusty Rose

Color:FA-97 Butter

Color:FA-98 Silver Sage

Color:FA-100 Baby Aqua

Color:FA-101 Pecan

Color:FA-102 Chestnut

Color:FA-103 Baby Orchid

Color:FA-104 Periwinkle

Color:FA-105 Deep Purple

Color:FA-107 Lichen

Color:FA-108 Jade

Color:FA-109 Mint Green
Color:FA-110 Soft Coral