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BROWN SHEEP BURLY SPUN YARN -- 1-Ply Heavy-weight Wool
132 yards/8-ounce skein -- Needle: #13 (2½ sts = 1 inch)
Solids: $20.00/skein -- Handpaints: $27.00/skein

BS03 Gray Heather

BS04 Charcoal Heather

BS05 Black

BS06 Deep Charcoal

BS07 Sable

BS08 Wild Oak

BS10 Cream

BS101 Bing Cherry

BS 110 Orange You Glad

BS115 Oatmeal

BS120 Limeade

BS155 Lemon Drop

BS176 Precious Lavender

BS177 Dewberry Dream

BS180 Ruby Red

BS181 Prairie Fire

BS188 Monarch Butterfly

BS191 Kiwi

BS192 Caribbean Waves

BS194 Blue Suede

BS197 Baby Blush

BS198 Guava Nectar

BS199 Spring Bluebell

BS215 Tormented Teal

BS225 Elderberry Wine

BS23 Fuchsia

BS240 Strawberry Patch

BS255 Rosy Velvet

BS270 Forest Floor

BS29 Jack's Plum

BS300 Mountain Majesty

BS320 Sandy Dune

BS330 Moonlit Night

BS 340 Foggy Night

BS350 Bountiful Harvest

BS360 Autumn Journey

BS370 Blueberry Breeze

BS38 Lotus Pink

BS380 Arctic Tundra

BS390 Smokey Mulberry

BS400 Candy Corn

BS59 Periwinkle

BS62 Amethyst

BS78 Aztec Turquoise

BS79 Blue Boy

BS82 Blue Flannel