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SCHACHENMAYR SELECT SILK WOOL YARN -- 64% Wool/27% Silk/9% Polyamide

(10) 50-gram balls/bag -- 131 yards/ball

Needle:  #10 (5½ sts = 1 inch) -- $.00/bag

Silk Wool is our elegant, exclusive fashion yarn with high-quality silk for delightful knits, both classic and trendy - the MUST HAVE yarn of the season. The high percentage of silk (27%) combined with fine virgin wool, results in a yarn with an elegant sheen and the highest wearing comfort. The resulting knits are feminine, with a classic, fashionable appearance. An innovative chain-like structure gives the yarn high volume and a slight stretch which adds to garment comfort. Very quick and easy to knit. Ideal for beginners and knitting enthusiasts alike. An extensive color range with every color you could wish for. For classic fashions or trendy knits - you will be delighted by this yarn.


ID# 07101
midnight blue
ID# 07102
ID# 07104
ID# 07106
ID# 07112
ID# 07114
ID# 07125
ID# 07156
old rose
ID# 07157
ID# 07179
ID# 07180
ID# 07193
light blue
ID# 07152
ID# 07133
ID# 07123
frost melange
ID# 07172
fuchsia melange
ID# 07145
ocean melange
ID# 07163
sun melange
ID# 07118
raspberry melange
ID# 07143
sand melange
ID# 07178