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All yarn is on cones in approximate amounts



All dyed yarns may be purchased by the case in differing weights.  Some yarns come in an undyed state for dyeing.  If there is interest in either of these, please call (248) 423-9200 for more information.




For those unfamiliar with coned yarn, it is the same as balled yarn, except that it has one long strand instead of the ten that usually make up a bag or pound.  In addition, it usually costs less than the same amount of yarn in balls.  


To determine the yardage of a ball of yarn from the amount on a cone, divide the one-pound yardage by ten.  Most coned yarns will fall into the same categories as hand-knit yarns in balls/skeins/hanks.  A yarn having less than 1000 yards/pound, or about 100 yards/50-gram ball, will be a worsted-weight or chunky-weight yarn and will usually be knitted on a needle size 7 and larger.  Yarns having between 1000 and about 1400 yards/pound will be considered a DK-weight yarn and will use between a needle size 7 to about a needle 4-5.  Above 1400 yards/pound may be a sport-weight yarn to a baby-weight/fingering yarn and can use needles from 4-5 to 0, depending upon the yardage.  However, nothing is set in stone and all of this may vary, depending upon the individual yarn.






Avanti / Avanti Deluxe Yarn

Avanti Variegated

70% Viscose/30% Cotton
65% Cotton/35% Viscose
Baby Alpaca Yarn 100% Baby Alpaca
Balada Stretch Yarn 72% Viscose/38% Polyamide Stretch

Bambu 7 Solid & Variegated Yarn

Bambu 12 Solid & Variegated Yarn
Bambu 16

100% Bamboo
100% Bamboo
100% Bamboo
Bambu Lace 92% Bamboo/8% Nylon (Binder)
Bergere 51% Wool/49% Acrylic
Boulder 85% Wool/15% Alpaca
Calais 100% Viscose
Cashmere (2/26) 100% Cashmere

Chenille 500
Chenille 1300 & Deluxe 1

Chenille 1300 & Deluxe 2
Chenille 1300 Tapestry
Chenille 2000

100% Viscose
100% Viscose
100% Viscose
100% Viscose
100% Viscose
Chunky 100% Superfine Merino Wool
Cloud 100% Polyamide
Cotton Gauze (NEW) 93% Cotton/7% Nylon
Coyote 100% Polyester
Debutante 82% Viscose/11% Silver/7% Paper
Ecocot 100% Organic Cotton
Eyelash / Eyelash Variegated 76% Viscose/24% Polyamide
Fettuccina 100% Tactel
Firefly 80% Viscose/20% Polyester
Fortuny 68% Viscose/32% Nylon
Gala 86% Viscose/9% Silver/5% Paper
Glacier 100% Nylon
Himalaya 80% Lambswool/20% Nylon
Jerzee 73% Microacrylic/27% Polyamide
Krinkel / Krinkel Colura 70% Viscose/30% Nylon
Linen / Linen 14 100% Linen
Lumina 65% Viscose/35% Polyester
Luminesce 65% Viscose/35% Polyester
Matte Print 100% Viscose

Merino/Cashmere 2/26

90% Extrafine Merino Wool/10% Cashmere
Merino 2/30 Melange, Extrafine 100% Extrafine Merino Wool
Mini Dina 50% Cotton/42% Viscose/8% Nylon
Mohair 70% Mohair/30% Nylon
Montana 100% Merino Wool
Nature's Way (2/30 Merino) 100% Mulesing-free Extrafine Merino Wool
New Valentina 72% MicroViscose/28% Wool
Nomad 100% Mercerized Cotton
Peluche 85% Viscose/15% Nylon
Perle Cotton -- 3/2, 5/2 100% Mercerized and Gassed Cotton
Perle Cotton -- 10/2 100% Mercerized and Gassed Cotton
Plush 100% Polyamide
Pompeii 44% Polyamide/29% cotton/27% Acrylic
Princess 100% Viscose
Puma Stretch 80% Viscose/20% Elite
Radiance 60% Viscose/8% Nylon/6% Metallic Polyester
Rail 70% Viscose/30% Polyamide
Saphira  76% Viscose/24% Polyamide
Skinny Majesty
Skinny Majesty Variegated
Skinny Majesty Tonal
100% Viscose Novelty
*Sleek 100% Viscose
*Slinky 100% Viscose
*Softball 0.75 100% Cotton
Soleil 70% Viscose/30% Polyamide
*Sting 83% Nylon/17% Spandex
*Supermerino 100% Superfine Merino
*Supramerino  (2/30) 100% Superfine Merino
Ultralash 100% Polyester
*Velrex 77% Wool/23% Viscose
*Velura 100% Polyamide
*Viscose Crepe 85% Viscose/15% Nylon
*Viscose Stretch 85% Viscose/15% Elite
*ViscoSoft 80% Viscose/20% Nylon
*Wool Crepe 500
*Wool Crepe Deluxe 80/20 
80% Merino Wool/20% Viscose
Zephyr 62% Rayon/38% Linen