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75% Washable Wool/25% Nylon
Needle:  #1-2 (7 sts = 1 inch)
50-gram skein -- 215 yards/skein -- $7.00/skein
½-lb cone -- 968 yards/cone -- $24.50
Handpaint Colors:  $10.00/skein


Wild and woolly, Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn is for the wildest of sock knitter.  This line up has a wide variety of coordinating solids, tweeds, and hand painted colors.  Whether you are making socks for your favorite girl or guy, there are color choices for every one.  Spun with 75% washable wool for easy care and 25% nylon for durability, this yarn makes wonderful socks that will wear long enough to justify all of those tiny stitches you so lovingly have put into a pair of “Wildfoote” socks.  And remember, it makes great shawls as well.

SY04 Elderberry

SY05 Black Orchid

SY09 Mums

SY10 Vanilla

SY100 Rock 'n Roll

SY150 Acapella

SY17 Purple Splendor

SY200 Rhapsody

SY22 Peasant Blue

SY250 Rocky Gorge

SY26 Blue Blood Red

SY28 Blue Flannel

SY300 Ragime

SY32 Little Lilac

SY34 Lullaby

SY39 Master Grey

SY40 Gunsmoke

SY44 Lime

SY45 Goldenrod

SY450 Handsome Hiker

SY46 Lightening Lemon

SY47 Surfboard Blue

SY48 Circus

SY49 Navy Royale

SY50 Rose Bud

SY51 Volcanic Blast

SY52 Walnut Bark

SY53 Bluebird

SY54 Mountain Path

SY55 Tahoe Blue

SY56 Emerald Isle

SY57 Cappuccino

SY58 Ripe Avocado

SY600 Symphony

SY650 Mineral Springs

SY700 Soft Jazz

SY750 Scottish Lavender Fields

SY800 Sonatina

SY900 Lilac Desert