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Alumco Tonal* 50% Viscose/50% Cotton
Athena Hand-dyed 75% Wool/25% Polyamide
Canna Ruca* 100% Sugar Cane


70% Cotton/20% Viscose/10% Linen

Huasco Yarn *
Huasco Chunky Yarn

Huasco DK Yarn

Huasco Worsted Yarn

100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
Kine 70% Merino Wool/30% Mulberry Silk
Lujoso 50% Baby Alpaca/35% Extrafine Merino/ 15% Mulberry Silk
Mana 100% Mulberry Silk


Nuble Paints

75% Extra Fine Merino Wool/25% Silk
Puelo* 100% Alpaca
Sotaqui* 100% Wool