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DesignaKnit, developed by Soft Byte, is a widely used software program designed specifically for knitting machine users. It can be used with both electronic and punchcard knitting machines and connected with an electronic or non-electronic cable.


DesignaKnit - An integrated garment shaping and stitch pattern design program for hand and machine knitting.























DESIGNAKNIT, Version 5, 6 and 7

DesignaKnit is one of the most exciting pieces of software for the knitter, both machine and hand, to come along in a long time. It is also an excellent tool for the cross-stitcher and weaver. In fact, anyone who designs with shapes and and colors will find this a wonderful additional resource.

Version 5 runs under DOS and needs an IBM PC or XT (286, 386, 486, 586, PS2 or compatible) running DOS 2 or later, preferably with a hard disk, a minimum of 640K RAM and VGA screen.

Version 6 and 7 run under Windows and need an IBM PC (386, 486, Pentium or compatible) running Windows 3.1 or higher, an SVGA screen and sufficient RAM to allow for 6 MB hard disk space.

DesignaKnit, Version 7, has an additional add-on feature that allows you to draw your design in hand lace symbols just like in the knitting fashion magazines.  DesignaKnit does the rest of the work for you, like separating out the lace transfers and allowing you to download to your Brother/Knitking or Singer/Studio/Silver Reed electronic machine!

With DesignaKnit, you may use standard shaping provided with the program, use it as is or alter it, or make an entirely new and original shape. You may create a new design, use one of the many designs provided with the program, scan in a design, draw in a design with a graphics tablet, or even convert a design from another medium. After you've done all of that, you can combine the two to see how they fit together and make changes, if necessary.

Before knitting, you can make the decision to download just the design (or make your punchcard or mylar sheet) to make a swatch and get your gauge before finalizing the necessary measurements, by machine. Then you can download just the design or the design integrated with the shape to your machine and knit your piece.

No more hours sitting with your calculator trying to make a pattern that fits. No more guessing what a design will look like before actually punching a card or drawing a mylar sheet. Now you can see what you're doing in 'real time', as it is actually being done, and make changes as you go.

For the machine knitter, there are cables available to allow you to design your pattern in your PC and download it directly into your electronic knitting machine. But for those with a punchcard machine, you may also design your pattern in your PC, print out your punchcard or mylar template and punch your card or draw your mylar sheet. Then, with a non-electronic cable, you can knit directly from your computer screen. Your only limitation then becomes the width of the pattern, not your machine.


For those whose Brother/Knitking/Passap cables were/are for the 9-pin serial port connection who have upgraded their computer and have ONLY a USB port, you may purchase a 9-pin/USB adapter that IS GUARANTEED to work for $65.  Not all adapters/converters will work properly with this particular software program, so be sure if you buy one for less money that it will work.  This is very sensitive and sometimes tricky software that does not always adhere to normal conventions and external connectors.

Professional Version 7 (CD) DAKPRO7 $500.00
Professional Upgrade Version 7 (CD) DAKUPRO7 $150.00
Standard Version 7 DAKSTD7 $385.00
Standard Upgrade Version 7 DAKUSTD7 $110.00
Lace Module for DAK 7 DAK7LACE $75.00
Replacement Version 7 Disk to Version 7 CD DAKRPLC#7 $50.00
Re-Registration of any program DAKREGISTRATION $65.00
Lace Carriage Magnet (Knit-from-Screen) on Brother/Knitking machines
· Large Magnet
· Small Magnet


USB to Serial Adaptor/Serial Port to USB DAKUSBADAP $65.00
Learn to Use DesignaKnit CDs
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1.  Basics
2.  Stitch Designer
3.  Graphic Studio
4.  Original Shaping
$35 ea




DesignaKnit - An integrated garment shaping and stitch pattern design program for hand and machine knitting.