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There are currently three available Silver Reed Knitting Machines:

LK-150 Home Knitter
Standard-gauge (electronic and punchcard)

Bulky (Chunky)-gauge Punchcard Machine

The Japanese-made Silver Reed knitting machines can be purchased as a standard-gauge punchcard machine or as a standard-gauge electronic machine.  There is also the very popular mid-gauge manual machine.




The most versatile of the available machines is the standard-gauge machine with 200 needles spaced 4.5 mm apart.  However, hand-knitters often gravitate more toward the mid-gauge machine with 150 needles spaced 6.5 mm apart. This machine has been calibrated to match the gauge obtained using the equivalent hand-knitting needle. If the wrapper for the yarns says to use a needle 8 and get 4 sts to an inch, often the machine can be set at an 8 tension with the resulting gauge being 4 sts to an inch.

Standard-gauge machines work best when using every needle on yarns from 140 yards/50 grams upward (thinner). Using a lace carriage accessory, the thinner lace weight yarns make knitting lace designs a breeze. The standard-gauge machines became very popular when women wanted to make the St. John suit. Make two suits on your machine and your machine is paid for.



The mid-gauge machine is a plastic bed machine that works beautifully on DK, light-worsted weight and sport-weight yarns. Again, set the tension on the machine to the same number as suggested on the yarn wrapper for needle size, and obtain the same gauge.

There are three standard stitches made by knitting machines:  stockinette stitch, tuck stitch and slip/skip stitch. Variations on those stitches can often be made, but they are not standard on the machines. 

A punchcard machine can produce a pattern which is 24 stitches wide. However, that pattern may be repeated over the width of the knitted piece or positioned in a specific location, which is then called a single motif. The pattern MUST be 24 stitches wide or a number evently divided into 24. An electronic machine can produce a pattern from one stitch wide to as many stitches wide as there are needles on the machine.

Silver Reed knitting machines may produce a wide variety of stitch patterns with little to no effort. You may knit a fairisle design; a single or multi-color tuck design; a single or multi-color slip/skip stitch design; a drop lace design; a punch lace design; a fancy, fine or normal lace design. You may knit weave on the machine. You do intarsia on the machine. And these techniques are only what can be done on the single main bed. When the optional ribber accessory is added and used with the main bed, in addition to the above designs, you have added the ability to knit jacquard designs, multi-color designs with no floats on the back. An extra bonus in adding the ribber is the ability to knit a piece that is 400 stitches wide, double the width of the main bed, making the long print yarns easily knitted in a one-piece afghan.

Using your IBM -compatible personal computer and knitting machine software program, you may scan in patterns to your pgram, manipulate the pattern in any way you choose, download the pattern and/or the shape, and knit it!

Using drawing tablets, you may draw your own design directly into the computer or even allow a child to draw their own original creation which you can then knit.

Additional optional accessories are also available, such as a four-color changer, a lace carriage and an intarsia carriage.

DesignaKnit may also be knit from your tablet.