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with Ribber and Tools

MODEL JPL-245 -- $1,245.00



Artisan 245 Standard Gauge Knitting Machine

  • This 4.5 mm standard-gauge, metal bed, 24-stitch, punchcard machine has a detachable ribber for maximum versatility.


  • The main bed does stockinette, tuck, slip, fairisle, single-motif, punch lace, knit-weaving and plating!


  • The ribber allows you to do all sorts of rib stitches, jacquard, fisherman's and English rib, circular knits, drop stitch lace and pile stitch!


  • The JBL-245 comes complete with all small tools and cast-on combs (both single and double bed) that you would expect from a full featured machine.


  • All of the small tools fit in a convenient box that mounts on the right-hand side of the main bed.

  • In addition to a complete selection of tools, you receive more than 20 pre-punched cards, claw and ribber weights, and even sock weight hangers!

  • Optional accessories available include punch cards, a card puncher, double- bed color changer, linker, yarn winder, stand, and more!


  • The Artisan JBL-245 will accept a wide range of yarn, from industrial 2/24 weight for double-bed knitting, up to double-knitting weight yarn.

  • The following accessories are available for and can be used on the Artisan 245:

  • - Silver Reed LC-2 Lace Carriage, LC-260/360 Lace Carriage

  • - Silver Reed SC-3 Linker

  • - Silver Reed RT-1 Transfer Carriage

  • - Silver Reed AW-1 Weaving Tool

  • - Silver Reed KR-6/KR-7 Knit Contour, KR-11 Electronic Knit Contour (with upgraded row counter)

  • - Silver Reed AG-20/AG-24 Intarsia Carriages