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with Ribber, Stand and Tools

Model 70D Plus -- $800.00



Artisan 70D Plus Mid-Gauge Knitting Machine

This mid-gauge, 7 mm, double-bed manual knitting machine is a fixed double- bed machine, and allows you to do both knitting AND ribbing!


  • The 70D-PLUS makes beautiful ribbing, fisherman's and English rib, and circular knitting, with 147 needles on each bed, enough to knit a finished size 60 with DK-weight yarn!  It comes with built-in Intarsia eliminating the need to buy a separate Intarsia carriage.


  • Both carriages knit, slip, tuck and have a Hold position for maximum versatility.


  • The ribber drops down so you can easily knit single bed fabrics with the single bed sinker plate.


  •  In addition to slip, tuck and stockinette, the main carriage also does plating and intarsia.      


  • The machine comes complete with all tools, weights, and cast-on combs (both single- and double-bed)  needed for just about any project!

    • The sturdy and attractive stand, included with the basic machine, has a convenient tray for storing all tools and cast-on combs.  This tray can be placed either on the left, center, or right position for your convenience.

    • The 70D-PLUS mid-gauge will accept yarns from sport-weight to worsted-weight, making it perfect for knitting hand yarn!

    • You can also easily use four-ply fingering yarn double stranded by using the plating feeder!