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SCHACHENMAYR SELECT PIATTA YARN -- 60% Virgin Wool/40% Polyamide

(10) 50-gram balls/bag -- 27 yards/ball

Needle:  #17-19 (2¾ sts = 1 inch) $80.00.bag


Schachenmayr select Piatta resembles a trimmed felt ribbon and is quick and easy to knit. With 60% wool, the yarn is super chunky. The addition of polyamide (40%) gives a soft, pleasant feel in a quality that does not scratch. The colors range from light, subdued hues to bright vibrant shades.




midnight blue tonal
ID# 02102
black tonal
ID# 02114
mint total
ID# 02117
natural tonal
ID# 02125
pink tonal
ID# 02145
sun flash
ID# 02308
spring multi
ID# 02230
indian summer multi
ID# 02231
fire multi
ID# 02232
lagoon multi
ID# 02233
sahara multi
ID# 02234
grey flash
ID# 02316
orchid flash
ID# 02343
berry flash
ID# 02346
forest flash
ID# 02367