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80% Pima Cotton/20% Merino Wool
(12-Ply/24-ply Cable Twist)




100-gram pull skein -- 215 yards/skein
Needle:  #6 (5 sts = 1 inch)


½-lb cones -- 1,000 yards/cone -- $23.50/cone
50-gram pull skein -- 222 yards/skein -- $6.50/skein
Needle:   #2 (6½ sts = 1 inch)
Good on Standard-gauge Knitting Machine


For you in warmer climates or even for you in cool climates in the summer, Cotton Fleece and Fine is made especially for you.  Spun from 80% pima cotton and 20% merino wool this yarn is available in 60 colors and 2 different weights.  Cotton Fleece and Fine has a wonderful handle whether working with it or wearing it.  All colors are available in both the heavier weight and the fine weight.  Mix and match to make twin sets, baby blankets or just about anything that you can design out of yarn.  The cotton makes it cooler but the 20% wool gives more resilience to the yarn, making it wonderful to work with.  Make up something for the spring and that garment will soon become a favorite in your wardrobe.


CW005 Cavern
CW100 Cotton Ball
CW105 Putty
CW120 Honey Butter

CW201 Barn Red

CW210 Tea Rose

CW220 Provincial Rose


CW305 Tropical Coral

CW310 Wild Orange

CW315 Sunkissed Apricot

CW343 Sunflower Gold

CW345 Gold Dust

CW380 Dusty Sage
CW385 Deep Sea Fog

CW400 New Age Teal

CW410 Green Apple

CW440 Spanish Olive

CW450 Oriental Jade

CW460 Jungle Green

CW505 Silver Blueberry

CW520 Caribbean Sea
CW555 Robin Egg Blue

CW560 My Blue Heaven
CW585 Wolverine Blue

CW590 Lapis

CW610 Nymph

CW620 Banana

CW625 Terracotta Canyon
CW640 Spryte

CW710 Prosperous Plum

CW725 Buttercream

CW755 Sugar Plum

CW760 Emperor's Robe

CW762 Bering Sea Blue

CW765 Blue Paradise

CW767 Hawaiian Sky

CW790 Columbine Blossom

CW800 Prairie Lupine

CW810 Cherry Moon

CW827 Mink Brown

CW840 Lime Light

CW844 Celery Leaves

CW846 Olive Burst

CW848 Lentil

CW850 Berry
CW863 Apricot Nectar

CW865 October Leaf

CW900 Perry's Primrose
CW915 Majestic Orchid
CW935 Salmon Berry Red