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For those who already own DesignaKnit and for those who are considering the purchase AND who also use McAfee Virus Scan in any of its iterations, I feel you should be aware of a potential problem.

After an update in late March/early April, I began to have serious and repeated problems in both bringing up the program and using it without repeatedly receiving GPF errors and having to reboot.  This also happened with several other applications and all about the same time.  After contacting the different companies, with no success except to hear they felt the problem might be because of my virus program, I then tried contacting McAfee to cancel my renewal scheduled for July 9, 2007.  No one responded to my phone calls and no one responded to my written correspondence in May.

On Friday, July 6, 2007, I called McAfee and was told my subscription was due to be renewed on Monday, July 9th.  Again I asked that it be cancelled – and here is where the problems really began.

I was told that because I had been a customer for such a long time, almost ten years, they would like to try to resolve my problem by providing technical support at no charge to me.  Shoulda known NOTHING IS FREE!  After several tries to get support from someone in India who could speak clearly enough to be understood AND who could understand English, I connected with a person named Aldrin.  Never thought to add to my requirements that the person respect women.  Aldrin simply deleted applications and files on my computer while talking to me AND while I was telling him the files needed to be uninstalled, not merely deleted, all the while telling me he knew more about the computer than I did.  He continued, I couldn’t access certain files – one of them being DesignaKnit – so I hung up.  He later sent an e-mail with links to some of the files he had deleted with instructions on how to reinstall them.  To me, that was a tacit admission that he knew he had deleted files other than just McAfee files and assumed I either didn’t know it or didn’t know how to reinstall them.

In the meantime, I had tried System Restore several times and still was unable to access DAK, my fax program, my two word processing programs, my spread sheet and several others.  An overnight letter went to Dave De Walt, chairman of McAfee, by the end of the day.  Now, with an almost totally non-functioning desk computer, I had to start using my notebook.  After about ten days, I had pretty much accepted that I’d have to reformat my entire main computer when I could get almost nothing to work properly, and then I was contacted by an engineer in Canada, who, after trying several things, agreed there was no other way to resolve the mess other than a total reformat.  Despite his repeated apologies, there was nothing he could do to restore DAK.

And after repeatedly contacting McAfee and repeatedly being ignored, I passed my contact efforts over to an attorney.  After he made contact, I was contacted by a female attorney who said quite clearly they were not responsible in any way for any software on my computer EXCEPT their own, completely discounting their subcontracted tech support engineer’s own admission that he had deleted programs and files from my computer OTHER than just McAfee programs that had possibly caused conflicts with several other programs and causing them to cease functioning.

I’m saying all of this because (1) I am furious about their cavalier attitude; (2) their total disregard for their customers’ operation; (3) the lack of skill, talent, comprehension, honesty and integrity of some of their sub-contracted employees; and (4) the future possibility of anyone with both DAK AND McAfee to experience the loss of a $500 piece of software, as I did.

With the new DAK format, we no longer have two lives.  I shall have to buy another copy of DAK to keep from having to insert the CD each time I use the program.  And with the sensitivity of discs, it will just be a matter of time before there is a scratch, a smudge or something else untoward that will keep the program from being operational.

So, the FREE TECH SUPPORT from McAfee has already cost me over $200 to repurchase software that could not be retrieved and could no longer be downloaded, $500 for a new copy of DesignaKnit, plus a mere $79 for a two-year subscription of virus protection, none of which, or any part of which, will be repaid or reimbursed by McAfee despite being the sole cause for an over $800 loss.  And, believe me, I no longer use McAfee FOR ANYTHING!