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131 yards/50-gram hank -- Needle:  #10½ (4 sts = 1 inch) -- $8.50/hank


Would you like to do some fun shading and color work?  Well, the shepherd of this flock of colors is here to help.  Each color that is offered is available in a light, medium, and dark hue, making shading as easy as 1-2-3. There are 22 color families available, ready to tease your creativity into action.  This 100% USA wool, six ply yarn is spun for maximum wear ability as well as good drape.  The uses for this yarn are endless.  When knit on a size 10 ½ needle, providing 4 stitches to the inch, this yarn is a quick knit and yet shows stitch definition beautifully.





 SS107 Fire

  SS111 Chestnut
 SS113 Maple Sugar SS115 Buckskin  SS121 Walnut
SS123 English Oak SS125 Rich Earth SS150 Obsidian
SS163 Steel

SS184 Dove Grey

SS201 Red Plum
SS281 Eggplant SS283 Boysenberry
SS285 Purple Coneflower SS311 Pumpkin SS313 Carrot

SS316 Pineapple

SS331 Cayenne SS333 Papaya
SS335 Apricot SS371 Chipotle SS373 Clay Ridge
SS376 Powder Puff SS411 Maize SS414 Sunshine

SS416 Lemon Juice

SS416 Lemon Juice

SS571 Split Pea SS572 Celery
SS623 Violet Verbena
SS731 Everglade SS733 Thunderstorm
SS791 Weathered Teal
SS794 Seaspray