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50% Fine Grade Merino Wool/50% Chinese Tussah Silk

(2/18) 1-lb cone -- 5,040 yards/pound -- $85.00/pound (Lace-weight)
(4/8) 1-lb cone -- 1,120 yards/pound -- $85.00/pound  (DK-weight)

Because wool and silk accept dyes differently, fabric made from this yarn may have a slightly "tweedy" look in some shades.

Due to the difficulties inherent in dyeing wool-silk, some shades may be less resistant to fading in LIGHT and WATER than 100% wool.  For this reason, it is recommended that wool-silk garments not be exposed to natural or artificial light for prolonged periods and that they be DRY-CLEANED ONLY.  The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damages incurred as a result of any other cleaning or finishing method. WEAVERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTE.