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Make your own Knitting Machine Superstand

This high-quality steel utility stand is perfect for your laptop/notebook computer, with shelf plates that are designed for light industrial use.  The 10" x 12" shelf plate is designed to hold up to 8 pounds, a perfect weight load for a laptop or notebook computer. 

It is NOT recommended that a "picture tube"-type computer monitor be placed on the stand.  Extra precautions should be taken if you are considering a flat screen monitor and you experience vibration or movement of the table while knitting.



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The picture above shows:
To the left:  a 10" x 12" Shelf Plate with Adjustable Arm
To the right:  a 4" x 10" Shelf and 5" x 5" Shelf Plate with Fixed Arm
In the back at the bottom, and across the width of the stand, is a yarn holder.
The shelf that comes with the table is attached forward beneath the bed, rather than in the rear.
There are two magnetized metal pocket holders on either side to hold patterns and manuals.
In the center back is a holder for reading a pattern or manual.
Industrial-weight, locking casters are placed on the bottom for easy movement.
Transfer tools are attached to the legs using metal adhesive magnets.


Items available to equal photo above:
10" x 12" Shelf, (2) 5-star Knobs, 2" washer, wing nut, adjustable arm, thumb screw -- $117
5" x 5" Shelf and 4" x 10" Shelf, (2) 5-star Knobs, 2" washer, wing nut, fixed arm, thumb screw -- $124

Aluminum Yarn Holder (wood is shown)
44" bar with 4 cone holders, 2 C-brackets and 2 pins to connect to stand -- $70
Also available:  2 feet to attach to each end of the bar instead of C-brackets -- $21/pair

The above picture shows one Yarn Holder attached directly to the stand by two C-brackets and two pins, while the other shows Yarn Holder standing on its own feet.  Each Yarn Holder comes with 4 cone holders.