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 Electronic Bed                                               Punchcard Bed



SK-840 (Electronic) / SK-280 (Punchcard)

Needle Pitch:  4.5 mm (5.6 gauge)
Number of Needles:  200 needles 
Pattern Size:  200 sts wide (electronic)
Punchcard:   24 sts / 60 rows  
Net Weight:  13.0 kg  (28.6 lbs) 
Dimensions (L x W x H):  1120 x 205 x 98 mm 
Stitch Types:  Stockinet, Fairisle (Knit-in), Tuck, Slip, Punch Lace, Weaving, Plating, etc.

Made especially for Silver/Reed SK840 or SK280 knitting machines. Converts your machine into a 400 needle double bed machine.

Will add a whole new dimension to your knitting that can produce an incredible variety of rib stitches, including Pile Knitting, Double Face (float free lining), Plating Rib, 1x1 rib, 2x2, big ribs, cable ribs, tubular/circular (seamless stockings or pillows), Shaker Stitch, English Rib, Tuck Rib, and more.

SR60N Standard Gauge Ribber


Standard Lace Carriage  LC2/LC580

Suitable for most standard-gauge Silver/Reed knitting machines.

This yarn changer can be used on both single and double bed machines by changing the head angle, and allows you to automatically select any tow yarns out of four with the push of a button!

When the carriage moves all the way to the left end of the needle bed, the trip lever on the carriage arm activates the yarn changer and automatically exchanges one color for another. The YC6 can automatically alternate any two colors row after row and you have the option of activating a third or fourth color at anytime by simply pressing a button.

The YC6 includes a single bed carriage arm for knitting stripes and multicolor tuck and slip patterns. It also enables you to knit Fair Isle patterns where one color (background) remains constant while the other changes. For double bed use, simply lift the trip lever on the ribber arm and enjoy a variety of colorful rib stitches and jacquards. The yarn mast has separate guides for the four yarns and increased tension capabilities.

4-Color Changer
Punchcard (SK-270/SK-280)
Electronic (SK-840)

Intarsia Carriage
Punchcard (SK-270/SK-280)
Electronic (SK-840)

Each machine will accept a ribber, a lace carriage, a 4-color changer and an intarsia carriage.