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50% Baby Alpaca/30% Merino Wool/20% Bamboo

(10) 100-gram hanks/bag -- 174 yards/hank

Needle:  #7 (4½ sts = 1 inch) -- $226.00/bag



Natural Cream - BBH100

Natural Cream BBH100

Lilas Palace - BBH08

Lilas Palace BBH08

Faberge - BBH34

Faberge  BBH34

Blue Bell - BBH39

Blue Bell  BBH39

Grand Canyon - BBH41

Grand Canyon  BBH41

Crazy Lace Agate - BBH48

Crazy Lace Agate  BBH48

Cricket - BBH52

Cricket  BBH52

Treasure - BBH53

Treasure  BBH53

Blush Red - BBH54

Blush Red  BBH54

Camelot - BBH55

Camelot  BBH55

Autumn Aster - BBH56

Autumn Aster  BBH56

Bollywood - BBH60

Bollywood  BBH60

Nemo - BBH61

Nemo  BBH61

Dori - BBH62

Don  BBH62

Peppermint Berry - BBH63

Peppermint Berry  BBH63

Mountain Top - BBH64

Mountain Top  BBH64

Sunset Ridge - BBH65

Sunset Ridge   BBH65