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(10) 100-gram hanks/bag -- 109 yards/hank

Needle:  #10 (3½ sts = 1 inch) -- $220.00/bag 


Best of Nature Collection
Nature can be generous in unexpected ways...
Misti Alpaca’s new Best of Nature yarn collection is one of these ways.

Using only natural dyes extracted from vegetable and mineral sources the Best
of Nature yarns provides the exquisite colors that nature gives us day after day.

It is important to know that the color shades will vary from lot to lot. We get what Nature
gives us
, thus the shades will vary from season to season. For example the blue corn
harvested in September will produce a slightly different shade than the blue corn harvested in
October. However, the shade family will be the same.


Blue Corn - BN01

Blue Corn  BW01

Berry - BN02

Berry  BW02

Basil - BN03

Basil  BW03

Wetlands - BN08

Wetlands  BW08

Dusk - BN10

Dusk  BW10

Burgundy Sparkle - BN11

Burgundy Sparkle  BW11

Jeweled Navy - BN12

Jeweled Navy  BW12

Pearl Jade - BN13

Pearl Jade  BW13

Shimmering Gunmetal - BN14

Shimmering Gunmetal  BW14