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Lang Alice Yarn 46% Cotton/22% Nylon/18% Baby Alpaca/14% Fine Merino

Lang Alpaca Superlight Yarn

Lang Alpaca Superlight Lamé Yarn

54% Alpaca Superfine/22% Fine Merino/24% Nylon

50% Alpaca Superfine/26% Nylon//20% Fine Merino/4% Polyester

Lang Amelia Yarn 55% Cotton/45% Nylon
Lang Asia Yarn 70% Silk/30% Yak
Lang Astoria Yarn 80% Nylon/20% Virgin Wool

Lang Celine Yarn

Lang Celine Luxe Yarn

24% Cotton/24% Polyester/21% Viscose/16% Mohair/15% Nylon

31% Nylon/25% Polyester/18% Cotton/18% Viscose/10% Mohair

Lang Classico Yarn 35% Fine Merino Wool/35% Nylon/30% Pima Cotton
Lang Clown Yarn 38% Cotton/30% Polyester/26% Viscose/6% Nylon
Lang Donegal Yarn 100% Merino Wool
Lang Doudou Yarn 100% Nylon
Lang Elena Yarn 50% Virgin Wool/50% Acrylic
Lang Ella Yarn 38% Cotton/30% Polyester/26% Viscose/6% Nylon
Lang Emma Yarn 32% Nylon/26% Wool/25% Acrylic/10% Cotton/7% Viscose
Lang Filo Yarn 75% Cotton/25% Nylon
Lang Florida Yarn 50% Cotton/50% Acrylic
Lang Forte Yarn 100% Fine Merino Wool

Lang Gamma Yarn

Lang Gamma Color Yarn

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Lang Gloria Yarn 100% Nylon

Jawoll Yarn

Jawoll Color Yarn

Jawoll Magic & Degrade Yarn

Jawoll Magic 6-Ply Yarn

75% Superwash Wool/25% Nylon

Lang Laguna Yarn 80% Viscose/20% Silk
Lang Lino Yarn  100% Linen

Lang Malou

Lang Malou Light

Lang Malou Luxe

70% Baby Alpaca/20% Nylon/10% New Wool

72% Baby Alpaca/16% Nylon/12% New Wool

54% Superfine Alpaca/23% Nylon/14% Wool/9% Polyester

Lang Merino+ Superwash

Lang Merino+ Color Superwash

100% Fine Merino Wool

Lang Merino 120 Superwash

Lang Merino 120 Luxe Superwash

100% Fine Merino Wool

90% Fine Merino Wool/5% Nylon/5% Polyester

Lang Merino 400 Lace Yarn 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
Lang Micro Yarn

100% Modal Viscose

Lang Mille Colori Yarn

Lang Colori Baby Superwash Yarn

Lang Mille Colori Socks & Lace Yarn

Lang Mille Colori Socks & Lace Luxe Yarn

Lang Mille Colori Superkid Yarn

50% New Wool/50% Acrylic

100% Fine Merino Wool

50% New Wool/50% Acrylic

73% Superwash Wool/25% Nylon/2% Polyester

75% Superkid Mohair/20% Nylon/5% Extra Fine Merino Wool

Lang Mohair Luxe Yarn

Lang Mohair Luxe Lamé Yarn

Lang Mohair Luxe Paillettes Yarn

77% Super Kid Mohair/23% Silk

73% Super Kid Mohair/18% Silk/9% Polyester

41% Super Kid Mohair/37% Wool/20% Silk/2% Polyester

Lang Moina Yarn

54% Viscose/32% Nylon/14% Silk

Lang Mosso Yarn

70% Wool/20% Nylon/10% Acrylic

Lang Nova Yarn

48% Merino Wool/32% Baby Camel/20% Nylon

Lang Novena Yarn

Lang Novena Color Yarn

50% Merino Wool/30% Baby Alpaca/20% Nylon

50% Merino Wool/30% Baby Alpaca/20% Nylon

Lang Pajazzo Yarn

66% Fine Merino Wool/20% Nylon/14% Alpaca

Lang Presto Yarn

50% Cotton/50% Acrylic

Lang Riga Yarn

53% Virgin Wool/47% Acrylic

Lang Royal Alpaca Yarn

100% Royal Alpaca

Lang Seta Tweed Yarn

75% Silk/25% Cotton

Lang Silkmerino Yarn Yarn

58% Fine Merino Wool/38% Silk/4% Polyester

Lang Sol Yarn

Lang Sol Degradé Yarn

Lang Sol Luxe

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

78% Cotton/22% Polyester

Lang Sophia Yarn

87% Superfine Alpaca/13% Virgin Wool

Lang Spray Yarn

100% Virgin Wool

Lang Stellina Yarn

Lang Stellina Luxe Yarn

55% Silk/41% Cotton/5% Polyester/4% Nylon

50% Silk/41% Cotton/5% Polyester/4% Nylon

Lang Super Soxx Nature 4-Ply Yarn

100% Superwash Virgin Wool

Lang Tosca Light Yarn

Lang Tosca Light Luxe Yarn

55% New Wool/45% Acrylic

50% New Wool/48% Acrylic/2% Polyester

Lang Virginia Superwash Yarn

Lang Virginia Flamé Superwash Yarn

100% Virgin Wool

100% Virgin Wool

Lang Vivienne Yarn

98% Extrafine Merino Wool/5% Nylon

Lang West Luxe Yarn

Lang West Tweed Yarn

50% Acrylic/47% Wool/3% Polyester

47% Acrylic/47% Wool/6% Viscose

Lang Yak Yarn

50% Extrafine Merino/50% Yak Wool