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SCHACHENMAYR SELECT MANETTE YARN -- 42% Virgin Wool/ 41% Acrycli/17% Acrylic

(10) 25-gram balls/bag -- 83 yards/ball

Needle:  #4-6 (5½ sts = 1 inch) -- $.00/bag


Schachenmayr original select

The blend of 42% pure new wool, 41% polyester and 17% polyacryl ensures a yarn that´s soft to the touch with excellent care characteristics. Glittering sequins threaded on fine polyester thread and spun into the yarn. The sequins shimmer gently in the background and are not gaudy, but rather add a special flair, giving the yarn an elegant touch. The color range includes eight soft, feminine shades.

ID# 08101
midnight blue
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